The Livescribe digital voice recorder captures all you write — and ideal spoken as well. Built into the pen is a great infrared camera which has a photo of your written thoughts as you write all of them down. Additionally, it has an inner board room review mic which lets you record what’s staying said in the writing surface area. When you do, it can save a copy of everything you may have written and save it on your computer.

Digital voice recorders like the Livescribe Smartpen enable you to retain a drafted reminder in your shirt pocket, in your briefcase or perhaps at any various other place in your home so that you also have something to relate back to. You can use the constructed in battery to show the device upon automatically and in some cases switch it off after having a while. There are a few advanced features in the Livescribe Smartpen such as the speech recognition facility that permits it to recognize your handwriting, helping you to have better dictation and typing. The pen’s built-in GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM facility may navigate you through areas, home and workplaces wherever you will be, letting you know where you stand and to might be choosing the use of the screen and action sensor. In addition , the Smartpen comes with other innovative and fun features such as the music recognition center and the alarm system function that set-off when you leave the room and when you get from the pen.

In addition , the Livescribe digital voice recorder also is a notepad for those occasions when you simply forget to take the notes along. Just like the Digital voice recorder, it also comes with a high-contrast ink that enables you to indicate important information or pictures. It is also available in many colours just like green, citrus and green. You can choose from several skins to personalize the pen with all the colour which you have chosen.


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